Nontrivial Solutions

The key to our success is our commitment to understand the needs of our clients in order to build a long term relationship with them. Our goal is to understand fully each client's unique challenges and opportunities and then become their single source provider for needs that they are unable to fulfill themselves. We are committed to supporting our clients with the same diligence, excellence, and urgency as we support ourselves. We can provide the best solutions for our clients because we have no alliance to any particular vendor or organization and are therefore able to place our client's interests first. Using open source technology as much as possible and intentionally minimizing our overhead and corporate structure allows us to offer premium resources at a fair price. We employ a philosophy and methodology that insures knowledge transfer to client personnel, which speeds up the process and therefore reduces the cost to the client. It is always our intention to perform on time and under budget, and then move to the next challenge. Nontrivial Solutions is a proud member of the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma.

The founder and owner of Nontrivial Solutions is James Bearden. His professional career started with several years of experience in the information technology field focusing on software development and project management. After several years working for a small company in Oklahoma City he was put in charge of a struggling electronic medical records project, and over the next eight years succeeded to the point that it changed the entire focus of the company. After being asked to run the company he led it through the most profitable years in its history. Over the course of these ten years James had the pleasure of meeting and working with hundreds of smart, knowledgeable, competent, talented, and dedicated individuals working in fields as diverse as computer security and clinical psychology. Nontrivial Solutions was founded with the intention of making all those people's skills more accessable to the organizations that need them the most. James is a proud member of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians.